50 years of ELYSATOR

This year we are celebrating our 50th company anniversary.

If you stop wanting to improve, you stop being any good.”
Quote from Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach.

“As a passionate triathlete, this quotation means a lot to me, not only in competitive sport but also in my job. My passion is to take ELYSATOR further. To help set trends with product innovations. To inspire others through my passion. It fills me with pride and joy to be part of the motivated ELYSATOR family. 50 years of ELYSATOR is a clear sign that a lot of things were done right in the past. I look forward to many more successful decades. ”

Rolf Frei, Managing Director


Our most loyal employee
Ca. 1992

Production in Wollerau/Switzerland
Jahr 2010

Stil part of ELYSATOR team Switzerland
Our Production Manager and Member of the Administration Board

Team Switzerland


Team Switzerland 2013 @ the new factory in Bilten/Switzerland

Team Switzerland 2019

H. Rickenbach
Managing Director & Founder – 1970

M. Rickenbach
Managing Director  1992 til 2017
and since today still board of Dicetors president

R. Frei
Managing Director since 2017
befor Head of Sales Switzerland

Booth 1990

ISH Frankfurt booth