Tho­rough hea­ting sys­tem flushing

Sanol express

The por­ta­ble car­tridge fil­led with Sanol H‑15 green.
‘rea­dy to use‘


The hea­ting clea­ner Sanol H‑15 green is a dispers­ant for hea­ting and coo­ling sys­tems that has been tried and tes­ted for deca­des. Hea­ting instal­lers rely on the relia­ble, inex­pen­si­ve and easy-to-use hea­ting sys­tem flus­hing with Sanol H‑15 green.

Now even easier with the Sanol express.
The han­dy car­tridge with inte­gra­ted val­ves for uncom­pli­ca­ted cleaning.

  • Quick and easy
  • clean
  • rea­dy to use
  • envi­ron­men­tal­ly friendly
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