Founded in 1950 by Heinrich Rickenbach, ELYSATOR Engineering AG is a family business that is rich in tradition. CEO Rolf Frei today works with a dedicated and enthusiastic team of around 20 staff, along with an additional 6 employees at ELYSATOR Engineering GmbH in Germany.
Josef Kuriger
Josef KurigerProduction Manager
Member of the Administration Board
Christoph Herrmann
Christoph HerrmannQuality Manager
<strong>Daniela Kuriger</strong>
Daniela KurigerAdministration Manager
Beat Frei
Beat FreiSales/IT Manager
<strong>Sabine Marti</strong>
Sabine MartiCommunications Manager

<strong>Manuel Rickenbach</strong>
Manuel RickenbachSupport
Board of Directors president
<strong>Stefan Helbling</strong>
Stefan HelblingSales Consultant
<strong>Ferdane Salihi</strong>
Ferdane SalihiCommercial trainee
Enesa Lela
Enesa LelaCommercial trainee