Development and technology

For some technical applications, the water is subject to requirements that are even stricter than those for domestic hot water.

Water is developed by us until it fits for the desired technical application. Water is in a continuous cycle. Raised up by the sun and wind, it condenses over the atmosphere and reaches the earth again in the form of rain or snow. It flows over very different types of surfaces and soils, trickles away into rock layers and, in doing so, enriches itself with minerals and gases even throughout centuries. Water is available at almost every location on Earth, but no longer in abundance and only seldom at the desired level of quality. Water must first be prepared with suitable technologies so that people can use it. However, for technical applications of very diverse types, even higher demands are placed on this water than those that are in place for drinking water. It must be, for example, free from gases and must no longer contain any minerals.


We take an active role in the preservation of the natural resources by protecting those resources and our environmental performance through the ecological optimisation on of our products and production and distribution processes, as well as improving material cycles.

The use of our products also benefits the environment. Lower heating costs as a result of reduced energy consumption, less maintenance and warm rooms. Not to mention the fact that every operator is also protecting the environment.